The debate between Windows and Mac OS has been always present on the internet. There are many forums and content that available on this matter. Both Windows and Mac offer different experiences and there are many features that are common between the two. Windows and Mac have been there for many years and each OS has new features released to outdo the other. Here are things to consider when choosing between Windows and Mac OS.


Windows has more software than Mac. The number of apps on Mac is less than half of Windows. Windows has an app for every task and can be very useful. It suits every requirement. Mac on the other hand has quite a few apps but cannot match the scale of windows. This won’t be a problem if you use only certain apps because most popular and productive apps such as Microsoft office, Google Chrome, Skype and Outlook are available on Mac.


When it comes to design Mac computers had the best desktop case and they were very sleek. Mac devices were smaller than their Windows counterpart too. This has begun to change since Windows has introduced computers such as Surface range of laptops, Dell XPS 13 and HP Spectre X360. Windows has been able to produce well designed computers but this is not a common feature among all Windows computer unlike Mac.


When it comes to price Mac computers are much buy proscar cheap online more expensive than their Windows counterpart with the same specification. Windows computers come in various prices and ranges. There are windows computer that are very cheap and affordable to many, unlike Mac that charges premium prices. Each unit such as the processor, memory, GPU and computer cases can be bought individually for much cheaper price.


When it comes to features, Windows has the crown because, there’s a Windows computer for every feature. From touchscreens to 2 in 1 device, Windows has everything covered. These devices also come in various sizes and shapes. Mac is extremely limiting and only a few features are available. There are no alternatives for Mac. Link here to gather information about a cooling liquid for your PC.


For the gamers, Windows is the preferred computer. This is because Windows has support from developers and it is preferred platform for gamers due to the fact that Windows is customizable. You can easily replace many parts such as the GPU on a Windows desktop. This level of support is not available for Mac computers. When it comes to features and open nature, Windows is the best platform for features and the open nature. Mac is good for work based tasks. Each OS has its strength and weakness. In the end it depends on the buyer and their requirements when picking between a Windows and Mac.